I ordered a bouquet for my mother's birthday which arrived on time. When my mother rang me, she said it was a tiny bunch and that the flowers were broken and withered.

I was, naturally, upset. However, when I saw the bunch myself that night, I was absolutely furious. Not only was the bouquet nothing like the image (with not even the correct type of flowers, let alone number), but half of the flowers had broken off the stems and the leaves were brown and withered. When I got in touch with the company with images as proof, they said that the flowers were 'slightly' damaged and that they would send a fresh bunch only as a 'goodwill gesture'; the assumption here being that I was 'slightly' irritated and needed a pat on the head to feel better.

I was absolutely astounded by their rudeness. I accepted the replacement offer, but it never arrived. After two weeks of e-mailing practically every day, I got put through to the manager. He was even worse.

I am still (over two weeks later) fighting for my money back. They keep finding excuses not to refund my money, and keep offering to replace the bunch instead. I am sick of this now, and I guess they are hoping that I'll just give up. I refuse to give up!

My mother was so disappointed by the bouquet: I spent just under £40 on four old carnations and one lily. I've never, ever been treated this way before, and I would strongly dissuade anyone from using Prestige Flowers in the future.

They are incompetent, rude, very offensive and unapologetic about causing distress. What's more, they insist on refusing to return my money: money I exchanged for a product that was deceptively advertised and not at all proportionate to its cost.

Product or Service Mentioned: Prestige Flowers Bouquet.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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