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This is a (negative) review after buying flowers through Home Bargains (Supplied by Prestige Flowers)

I placed an order for 50 large roses on Monday 5th March and they arrived on Wednesday 7th March, so I can’t fault their quick delivery.

I had read several reviews before ordering and saw nothing but positive praise for the quality, quantity and reasonable prices so my expectations were high.

They arrived in a rectangle box, so they were packaged well and securely, however the size of the box did not look like it would be able to house the bouquet that they advertise on their website:

Upon opening the package, I was instantly disappointed at the size of the bouquet. The flowers looked nothing like they did on the website, they were extremely small with a lot of “closed” buds around the size of a penny or smaller. I had chosen their “large” bouquet at an extra cost.

They weren’t packaged like they were advertised either. Whereas the entire bunch on the site is enclosed with decorated paper/plastic and well displayed, these had a much smaller wrapping and weren’t nearly as well presented.

I also opted for a balloon when I placed my order, this was missing from the box.

I wondered if I was misjudging the whole thing, but when I revisited the picture on their website it was clear that the bunch of flowers I had received didn’t even come close. When my colleagues saw the flowers, they genuinely thought I had bought them for £3 in a sale.

Once I established that I had not been sent anything close to what was advertised, I emailed Home Bargains customer service team. I also emailed Prestige Flowers who supplied them. It has been Prestige who I have been communicating with.

I sent them several pictures so they could properly inspect the bouquet. Their initial email said “If the bouquet is not of a high quality we will then of course arrange a fresh bouquet to be delivered free of charge at a convenient time.

If only a few individual petals show signs of browning but the vast majority of the bouquet is fresh we cannot send out a resend”

I’m not a florist by any means but I wouldn’t expect there to be any browning petals at all and certainly not when they state “All of our flowers come in fresh each morning and are prepared for next day delivery to ensure freshness.

They then asked me to count the number of stems because they couldn’t establish the size of the bouquet from the photo’s?! After replying that there were 18 stems, they proceeded to say that “these are spray roses, therefore the size will be all about the stems, not flower heads” Why not just sell bunches of green sticks then if the flowers don’t matter?

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a florist and asked for a bunch of stems, but according to these guys, the actual flowers are irrelevant, it’s all about the stems, that sit in the vase, out of sight……and this apparently means that they can send you just a bunch of stems if they wanted to and you’d be expected to be grateful.

Bear in mind that their website describes these flowers as a “Grand Bouquet” but nothing I could say was going to dissuade them, and they were adamant that the flowers I’d been sent were exactly as advertised and satisfactory.

I offered to return the flowers to them so that they could use the bouquet to advertise on their website since they were happy with their quality. If they thought that the flowers they sent me were satisfactory, then the least they can do is stand by their conviction.

Ultimately they said that there was nothing they could do. I disagree. They could have sent me a bouquet that matched the description and photos on their site. They could have offered a refund. They chose to do nothing.

You can see in the photo’s the scale and quality of these flowers, the buds that measure no more than the size of a penny and the general condition of this “Grand Bouquet” that was picked fresh not more than 24 hours prior.

I’ve also included a photo of a bunch I have since bought from Tesco for £10 (around a third of the cost) for reference.

To their credit, they have offered me £2.99 in lieu of the balloon that wasn’t sent, although I had to ask several times for this to be addressed.

TL:DR Low quality and quantity flowers that looked nothing like the advert, customer services disagreed, said flowers don’t matter, stems do. Won’t issue a refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Prestige Flowers Grand Bouquet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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